St. Partyzantów 17
80-254 Gdańsk
phone 58 344 95 95
fax 341 49 96

Genuine Leather Bookbinding

Władysław Chumowicz
Partyzantów 17
80-254 Gdańsk

Phone: 48 58 344 95 95
Fax: 48 58 344 95 96

Hand made of top quality leathers.
Decorations made of: brass, silver, amber or gold on request.
Tailor made to suit your most sophisticated requirements.
Colours and designs selected individually.
Project sessions carried in the premises of a customer available on request.
Moderate prices.

Our history:
The company was established in 1967 by Wł. Chumowicz. At those days it was one-man manufacture. Later when experience and the market have expanded the factory has grown into a sophisticated family business that now employs the best specialists in the branch. However its intrinsic character as a top quality manufacture has remained unchanged.

Our products:
We offer various items of quality stationeries, standard book bindings and all kinds of decorated containers. However the luxury leather book bindings nicely decorated with ornaments are the ones we are proud of the most and which we produce with the utmost care and dedication to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

To learn more about our products and our capabilities please visit our website:

or simply look over the examples of our craftsmanship that are included on the CD.

If you find our offer interesting and you are an English speaker please contact Mr. Tomasz Chróściewicz on his mobile phone + 48 605 293 342 who will do his best to help you.